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Thursday, April 28th, 2011

For IMsL this year, I was asked to be the assistant talley master for the IMsBB competition. In case you don’t know what that is, it stands for International Ms Bootblack competition.

I agreed, knowing that this would be a two year commitment. Next year, I will be the head talley master.

I got my schedule of events, and discover that I needed to be at the hotel no later than 11:00 am on Friday. (this was a week earlier that I found this out).

After scrambling a little bit, we decided to leave San Diego Thursday night, and driven until we found a hotel that we could stay at along the way. Then drive the rest of the way Friday morning.

we found a hotel in Livermore approximately 60 miles from San Francisco. Daddy insisted that we get up early because we might have needed more than 3 hours to drive the 60 miles. When it was all said and done, we arrived in San Francisco, at the hotel with more than an hour to spare,

I headed for my judges meeting at 11:00, while PuP and Daddy went back to the room to nap. After my meeting, we headed down to the boot blacking area for “First Shine”, the official opening of the Bootblack competition. Each of the people competing were amazing in their own way. I learned something from each of them. I also learned something from each of the amazing judging panel, Pony, IMsBB 2009, Tim Starkey IMrBB 2010 and Red Warrior, ICBB 2010. This was a great panel of judges.

At 5:30, I had my first major talley task. We had to count ballots for the boot blacks. That was an interesting bit of work 🙂

I was off for the rest of the evening, but we had the first part of the contest starting soon, so I rushed up to the room ate something, changed and we zipped down to the contest.

We had a lot of fun that evening, and after the first part of the contest, we went to the San Francisco Eagle — which may wind up closing. Huge bummer that.

We hung out with Ms International Olympus Leather who is a very fun person!

We headed back to the hotel around 1:00 am, and sacked out for the night.

I had to be at the opening for the Bootblack competition Saturday morning, so I was up and moving at 8:30 am.

I spent some time answering work emails after the opening, but spent most of my day around the boot black area. It was a lot of fun to watch and learn.

My talley work continued at 3:30 pm when I had to count the second day of ballots, and then we took the judges binders to tabulate their scores and identify a winner. It was kind of odd to go to the contest that evening knowing who the winner of the bootblack competition was.

The contest was fun, and all in all not that different from others I have been to.

After the contest, we zipped up stairs, got our toy bag and then went to the play space to play with PuP. That was a lot of fun. From there, we wandered to one of the hospitality parties, and then to the room as the day caught up with us.

Sunday was a fun lazy day. I bought a new Cat — actually Daddy found it for me because he was tired of me borrowing his! PuP got a new toy that we would use later at e bar on him.

At 3:00, ABW hosted a hospitality party that was a blast!

Dakota and Kim were flying out at 10:00 pm or so, so we all headed to the eagle to hang out and have fun. It was great!

We headed back to the room around 10:30, ordered some food delivery, and crashed put for the night.

Monday morning, we checked out and headed for home. Along the way we stopped at Harris Ranch for lunch and had excellent steaks!

I look forward to returning to IMsL next year!

San Diego Leather Pride

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Each year, for the past little while, San Diego Leather Pride has run for approximately 10 days.

We start with All Clubs Night Thursday, the Ms meet and greet Friday, the Ms contest Sat, and brunch and kinky classes on Sunday. Followed the next Thursday by the Titleholder Cocktails Thursday, the mr meet and greet Friday, the contest on saturday and the victory brunch and after glow party on Sunday.

This is a hell of a schedule, because there are also those events that only constants and judges do. So if you are on the committee, or judging, it makes for a long two weeks.

I serve on the. SDLP committee, and for the first part, was a very busy boy. Dakota flew in from the east coast, and was head judge for the Ms contest. It was the first time that Daddy was able to meet her. They got along fantastically.

Before I knew it, it was time to see Dakota off o. Her trip home, and the second half of Leather Pride to commence. During this part, I was a judge for the Mr contestants, so I was still q busy boy.

Leather Pride was great success and I enjoyed, as I usually do, being actively involved, as well as being part of the judging panel.

Smoke Out – Las Vegas

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

There are those times when work interfere wi fun, and this was one of those times.

We arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday around 11:30 am. We drove, as we normally do, and I spent most of the drive working. Rechecked in, and I spent a little more time working before we wandered down to the smoke out hospitality suite to register and get our arm bands.

We caught up with our friends Tom and Paul, and then it was back to the room for more work.

I managed to wrap up on thursday in time to have dinner with Tom, Paul, Mark, and a few other folks that we have met over the years going to this event.

After dinner, we went back to Toms room and I beat on Mark with floggers. It was fun.

After that, we hit the proverbial wall, and crashed out for the evening.

Friday, we got up, had breakfast, and I took care of the work I needed to do. Frank arrived about 11:00, and I spent the next hour or so making a collar for him as Daddy collared him that weekend. The collar is a braided leather collar with loops to put a lock on it.

After we finished the collaring, Daddy and Frank played while Tom and I played. Tom has been promising to fist me for several year, and we finally got the opportunity! He was well worth waiting for. *WOOF* Not only is he hot, and a fun bottom but he has very talented hands!!

Tom Told me at he wants to play again, and this time he wants to set up a recording device. Apparently when I came I sounded like the end of the “Hanna Barberra ride”.

After fun in the sling, I worked a little more, before heading out for the evening. The bar was fun, but packed. I was fighting head aches all weekend, so the smell of the cigars was not working for me.

Ultimately, we ran out of steam and headed back to the room and to bed.

Saturday was another fun day. Still spent way to much time working but managed to. Work in social time as well. Saturday night, we went to the play party. It was more of a social party, but Daddy and I co-topped Frank, and then I went off with Ian from LA, to play with electricity. Wow what an electrifying experience! Sorry about the pun. I couldn’t resist. After the party Saturday night, Frank fisted me. Unfortunately, I was a little tender from playing with Tom, so this was a more sedate fisting, and ended much more quickly than I wanted!

Sunday, we hung out by the pool, and did ore miscellaneous stuff, And I worked.

Monday we headed home. And I worked. S

All I all I enjoyed this trip, but would vastly prefer to NOT have to do work work during them. Such is the life when you run a small business.

Thank you to the organizers and volunteers who put together Smoke Out. This was our third year, and the best one yet.

Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend 2011

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

After almost 4 months, I finally have the time to sit down and write about MAL2011. I will try not to do that again! waiting this long means you forget things!

For MAL, I shared a room with Dakota, American leather woman 2009-10, her girl Kim and the producer of the Mr San Diego Leather contest, Adam.

I was the first to arrive in DC, which, was a good thing since the room was in my name. Dakota and Kim were supposed to arrive earlier, but had car trouble.

I was able to get checked in and settled before anyone else arrived. Dakota and Kim arrived and after a quick set of hugs, we unloaded their stuff and put it in the room.

Then we headed down to registration. Kim picked up her package, and Dakota and I spoke with another member of our sash family, American Leather Man 1997, Jim Raymond. Jim had arranged for me to be theJudges Boy at the contest, and had also arranged for Dakota’s entry as well.

We were registered in no time at all, but during that time (really seriously, it was about 10 minutes total), we must have seen and talked to about 50 people we knew. I had done enough traveling that this was feeling like a family reunion.

In a way, it was a little bit. Before Daddy and I went traveling on our boat, DC was home. It was where I came out, and came out in Leather. So, not only was I seeing people that o recognized from other events, I was also seeing people that I had not seen in almost 15 years.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the vendor mart, hanging out in the hotel lobby chatting with friends, meeting new people, and people watching.

Adam finally arrived later that evening, after having flight delays — we got him settled, and ordered some dinner.

I think everyone was tired from traveling, as we all went to bed relatively early, especially considering that Adam and I were operating on west coast time still.

Saturday morning, Michael Brandon has a breakfast club that he does — everyone gets up unspeakably early and we go to breakfast. Dakota, kKim and I joined the crew for breakfast. After that, we hung put in the lobby, checking email, surfing the web, watching Kim upload pictures to Facebook.

The vendor mart opened at noon, so we headed down to check out what was for sale. I did manage to successfully avoid spending money, but there were a few things there that I would love to get one of these days.

Saturday evening was Leather Cocktails. This has always been a favorite event of mine, and this one was very enjoyable as well. I ran into so many people that I haven’t seen thT it made my head spin a little. It was great catching up with folks, and seeing how time has changed the people and clubs that I was familiar with.

Saturday night, I hung put with Adam and some folks he knew from Inferno. I had planned to go to the Eagle, but the conversation kept me intrigued, and of course I was afraid I was going to miss something! Before I knew it, the bars had closed and I was ready for bed.

Sunday was the contest. It took a few minutes, but I finally got in the groove of fetching and delivering drinks for the judges without interrupting their view of the contest or judging.

The contest was as much fun as I remembered them to be, though I was very surprised at the drop off in the number of contestants. I remember 15 or twenty contestants, at this one they had 6.

After the contest, and dinner, I met up with a guy named Dan and hung out with him for the evening. Interesting guy, and a lot of fun.

Monday was the day to head back home. But before that, I wandered around the capital with Tim Starkey International Mr Bootblack and Adam. Had a great time hanging out with them. Ad touring some of the sites.

Fri March 31 – Smoke Out

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

As I stood in the Buffalo tonight, something occurred to me. Part of this thought comes from talking to Utah Rox. He commented that San Diego was one of the few cities that still had a real leather bar — the San Diego Eagle located at 3040 North Park Way. Utah was there judging the Ms San Diego Leather contest during the first part of San Diego Leather Pride. Don’t get me wrong, our Eagle is a great bar, but it certainly is not a leather bar as I remember them back in the 90s.

But that got me thinking. As I looked around the Buffalo tonight, it dawned on me that Runs such as this, contest weekends such as MAL harken back to the days when a leather bar was filled with men in leather — doesn’t mean that every man there was a leather man, but you had a higher percentage chance of finding one.

These weekends take me back to a time when men did not go to a leather bar unless they were wearing leather… At the very least, a man in levis, belt, boots and a tshirt.

It makes me a little sad that it takes events to get the leather men out to our bars. It makes meant to stand up and say to my brothers and sisters — get out from behind your computer, make this weekend a special event for YOU, support you local leather bar, and show the twinks what it means to be in a leather bar.

So far this has been a good weekend. We caught up with our friends Tom and Paul from the UK and Mark from Canada.