BryanBryan Teague, American Leatherboy 2010, has been involved in the Leather Community since 1990. He and his Daddy moved to San Diego in 2006.

He is the workshop coordinator for the San Diego League Of Gentlemen, a co-moderator of Submissive Voice, website chair for the San Diego Leather Realm, webmaster for the San Diego Leather Pride and the Mr. San Diego Leather websites, and is a member of Club-X. Bryan is known for his workshops on Fisting, Flogging, and Electricity, and is currently presenting on Daddy/boy relationships.

He won the Mr. San Diego Leather 2009 contest, and successfully completed his title year. In the process, he re-launched the Friday Beat and Greets, a casual gathering of people ranging from beginner to the highly experienced for an evening of socializing, and learning about Percussion Play. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new, and to teach those who want to learn more.

In July 2010, he won the title of American Leatherboy 2010. The American Brotherhood Weekend is an amazing weekend. It is a Leather Family Reunion, celebrating our diversity and what each of us brings to the Leather Community, our chosen family. He is honored to carry on the traditions of the ABW Leather Family with the rest of the ABW title family for 2010, American Leather Man Louie Pacheco, and American Leather Woman Dakota.

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