As I stood in the Buffalo tonight, something occurred to me. Part of this thought comes from talking to Utah Rox. He commented that San Diego was one of the few cities that still had a real leather bar -- the San Diego Eagle located at 3040 North Park Way. Utah was there judging the Ms San Diego Leather contest during the first part of San Diego Leather Pride. Don't get me wrong, our Eagle is a great bar, but it certainly is not a leather bar as I remember them back in the 90s. But that got me thinking. As I looked around the Buffalo tonight, it dawned on me that Runs such as this, contest weekends such as MAL harken back to the days when a leather bar was filled with men in leather -- doesn't mean that every man there was a leather man, but you had a higher percentage chance of finding one. These weekends take me back to a time when men did not go to a leather bar unless they were wearing leather... At the very least, a man in levis, belt, boots and a tshirt. It makes me a little sad that it takes events to get the leather men out to our bars. It makes meant to stand up and say to my brothers and sisters -- get out from behind your computer, make this weekend a special event for YOU, support you local leather bar, and show the twinks what it means to be in a leather bar. So far this has been a good weekend. We caught up with our friends Tom and Paul from the UK and Mark from Canada.