Kim and Dakota were smart. They went to bed around midnight, so they were up and raring to go at 8:30 in the morning. Apparently I was supposed to get up because even as quiet as they were, I still woke up. We got dressed, and headed out in search of food. Along the way, Rich Stadmiller joined up with us, and it was a small parade of folks! We decided that we wanted bagels, but the only thing they had close to the hotel was a place that served "squagels", square bagels. As we were ordering, Mama Sandy texted Dakota, and we picked her up one as well. We headed back to the hotel with our food, and went to Mama Sandy's room and had breakfast. From there, we wandered around for a bit, and then I met up with Randy, Bob and Jim for lunch, then went to a cigar social at a local cigar shop. While we were there, one of the locals came in and looked me up and down. They asked if I came on my Harley, and without thinking, I replied "Not yet." I thought the staff were going to fall over they were laughing so hard! It was a fun time, and thanks to Rob, who took some good shots of me enjoying a cigar!



20110531-023026.jpg After that, we headed back to the hotel. I headed down to the vendor mart, and didn't make it but two booths, before again, I was busy talking with friends. A special thank you to Off Ramp Leathers for giving me a new leather medallion strap for my ABW medallion! I met up with Randy again for dinner. We headed to Buca DI Beppo for dinner, along with Bob and Jim again. We met up with 15 other folks there. The room we ate in had religious artwork and a bust of the pope in the center. We played around a bit with the bust of the pope, Bob took this great picture of the bust where the reflection actually created a symbolence of a cross. It was really a cool picture! We also put one of the contestant medallions on him and took additional pictures with various different items that folks had on them. I don't think i have laughed so much at a dinner in a long time. The wit staff was phenomenal, and I think enjoyed themselves as well. Thank you Lady Justice for organizing the dinner. I started getting a head ache, and took some aspirin. That evening, it was Pecs and Personalities. I still had my head ache, so was drinking slot of water. It was actualy a fortunate thing, since I headed to the bathroom right before the beginning of this portion of the contest. While i was in there, I ran into Mr Ottawa Leather2003. He had a wardrobe malfunction with the zipper on his chaps, and I was able to help him get them fixed. Unfortunately, in the process the zipper lost a tooth, so hfe was going to have to be careful from that point on. returning to my seat, I watched the contest, but with my headache it was sometimes difficult to follow along. We listened to 53 men stand in their jocks and answer a humorous question. It was a great time. Unfortunately, about half way through the contest evening, my head ache lifted, and. Discovered I was exhausted. If I did not take a break, I was going to fall asleep. So i headed out to smoke, and that helped me immensely. I returned to the contest to disco err that I had missed 4 of the people I really wanted to watch and listen to. My apologies to Alex, Mr Maryland Leather, Tim, Mr Connecticut Leather, Scruffy, Mr New Jersey Leather and "D" Mr Mid Atlantic Leather. The pecs and personalities contest was a lot of fun. And when it w over, it was time to get out of high holy cow and down to some fun parties! On my way out from the contest, I stopped by Woof Camp, with JB, Mr Hays Valley Leather. It was fun to watch the puppies, but I found myself thinking of my own puppy, and missing him, so I made a quiet exit. Of course, Scooby had called me right before Pecs and Personalities, so I was already missing him. On the way to Onyx, I ran into boy Chris, American Leatherboy 2008, aka grandpa :). We chatted for a minute before he went off in search of his Daddy and I headed towards Onyx. I do need to apologize to the Windy City Boys troop for missing their event Sat afternoon, for some reason I thought that it was Sunday! The men from Onyx through a fantastic party! Unfortunately I didn't want my headache to come back so after putting in an appearance there, I headed out. I was on the way back to my room when I passed by a guy I had met that morning, who was distraught because he had lost his wallet. I worked with him to notify the hotel, and then the Onyx folks to keep an eye out for his wallet, then was again, working with him to remember what room he was in. That was when he was describing how he lost his wallet. He was wearing thigh high Wescos, and had put his wallet in the leg of one. I stopped him at that point, patted him down, and found his wallet. He was a little inebriated, so I put him to bed and made him promise to call me in the morning,because he was feeling so ashamed about what happened. I headed back to the Onyx party to let them know we had found his wallet, and then notified the hotel of the same thing. From there, I went back to the other tower, and spent the rest of the night hanging out and talking with people. I was surprised to see that, again, it was almost 4:00 am before I finally went to bed.