Sunday, I slept in. It was around 10:00 when I woke up. Dakota and Kim had already had breakfast. I was about to head out when Dana texted and he and I walked over to Houlihans for their brunch. We ran into a couple of guys the, and the four of us had breakfast together. It was quite fun! After that, we returned to the hotel, and I spent some time talking with different folks before heading down to the vender mart to put my name on the list for the bootblacks and to vote my ticket. There was certainly a lot of time to wait, so I took advantage of that and wandered around the vendor mart to look at what everyone was offering. At various points, I wandered by myself, and with others. Never did get my boots done! But I did cast my ballot. I will look forward to experiencing Jim another time. I met up withKD, International Ms Bootblack, and we went up to the Mama's fundraiser in the SECC room. It was fun hanging out for a bit before we had to move on to our next commitment, helping Sara International Ms Leather with her luggage. Once that was accomplished, Kd And I had some time to hang out before we needed to get ready for the contest. She is a great person to sit around and talk with. Thank you KD for a wonderful afternoon! Before I knew it, it was time to get ready for the contest. We dressed in high holy cow, and made our way downstairs. After a quick stop at the bar for a drink, we headed down and Dakota, Kim and I walked to the venue -- it was just behind the hotel, so wasn't very far. We sat with Mama Sandy and a few other folks. The contest was great. Made more so by the number of people on stage who I consider to be friends and family. I practically screamed myself horse when California too 4 of the top 20 positions, and then finished the job as different people i knew were also called! It was a great top 20, and I enjoyed watching all of them on stage. We took some good pictures of Dakota, Louie and me! After the contest, we were taken up to the press room - thank you Liza and Jodi for your help in getting us there! Once in the press room, we were able to get pictures with International Mr Leather, Eric Gutierez, a hot and incredibly sweet man, as well as get picture of Anthony and "D" 2nd and 1st runner up, respectively. We also got pictures of Jim Duder, International Mr Bootblack. After that, we headed back to the hotel to change, and then I spent the rest of the evening with Morgaine, Mid Atlantic Leatherwoman, Brandon, and Loki. We decided to order pizza, and hung out in Morgaine's room talking about anything and everything. What a fun evening! At some point, I fell asleep on Loki. Eventually he woke me up and we headed downstairs for a "last cigarette" of the evening. We wound up staying down there until the sun was just coming up. I headed to my room sand promptly fell asleep. 4 hours later, I was up and walked Dakota and Kim downstairs so they could get a taxi to the subway station. After that, I wandered around for a little while in the vendor mart, picking up a couple of different things and attending the press conference. Scooby called and I told him about my weekend! After we talked, I met up with Brandon and we spent a fun couple of hours together. I met up with Chris from San Francisco for dinner. Time flew. I could not believe that we sat there talking for almost 2 1/2 hours about topic under the sun! We returned to the hotel, and I head dot my room to get ready for the Black and Blue ball. Then downstairs to hang out and talk with folks. I headed over to the dance, did my circuit, met one of the producers for Southwest Leather, and also met the producer for Mr Phoenix leather. We talked a bit a out ABW before I decided it was time to go since I had an "early" flight. Back at the hotel, my good night smoke stretched out as I talked with some of my very favorite people. I laughed so hard that my sides were hurting by the time I got back to my room. I finished packing a few more things, then laid down. I was going to try to do some blogging, but I could barely see the screen. I fell asleep almost immediately.