Mr International Rubber

My First Rubber Event

Sister from Germany

This was the first Rubber event that I have attended. So I was definitely looking forward to it. My puppy who is in to rubber was originally going to attend the event with me, but he could not because of work.

I flew in the day before the event started, on Thursday. I was expecting to have some work related meetings during the day on Friday, but those wound up being canceled.

I stayed with Dean and John for the weekend. Dean is the producer for the American Brotherhood weekend. I was re-introduced to Jason Hendrix who is IML 2004. He is a really great guy, and I enjoyed getting to know him better!

Friday, after a late breakfast, Jason, Dean and I loaded up Dean's car with the leather that we were going to sell at the Chicago Rubbermen booth and headed down to the vendor mart.

After getting everything situated at the booth, I wandered around the vendor mart and tried out one of the vacuum racks, as well as trying on (and ultimately buying) some rubber. I purchased a pair of rubber shorts and a rubber shirt!

The evening progressed with a "Greet the Meat" where the attendees had the opportunity to meet the contestants and socialize before the contest started.

One of the things that stands out in my mind is the relaxed fun atmosphere that was pervasive throughout the contest weekend. No one took themselves to seriously, and just about everywhere I turned, open friendly smiles abounded.

The introduction of contestants was nice to watch. Nine in all, from the US, and 3 other countries! Eddie, the emcee was fantastic, and very entertaining.

After the first part of the contest, everyone headed out to the Cell Block for an after party. It was fun, and only mildly crowded. I spent the evening chatting and flirting with various people from all over the country, and world, before finally calling it a night and heading back to Dean and John's.

Saturday, I got up, had breakfast with Jason, and then we headed down to the vendor mart. I trailed behind Jason, watching him move through the crowd, flirting, talking and generally having fun. I was introduced to so many people that I will probably never remember everyone's name! The vendor mart in full swing was interesting to explore, and so very tempting to spend way to much money!!

Saturday night I did remember to eat! Jason and I had dinner at a Thai restaurant before heading back to the house to get ready for the evening. My iPad came in handy as Jason was a tallymaster, and used it to help tally the scores for the evening. I stayed close, in case Jason had any questions or the iPad started acting goofy for some reason.

The second part of the contest opened with a parody of a Lady Gaga song that had everyone laughing! The contest was fast paced and kept my attention throughout. From the games that were played with the audience, to the performances of each of the contestants, it was indeed a superb contest and fascinating to watch. By the end, I wasn't sure who would win!

Congratulations to G-Man from Georgia on becoming the new Mr International Rubber!

After the contest, everyone headed to the Jackhammer and Touches for the after party, and what an after party it was! I had a lot of fun. One of the very special people I met at this event is Sister Politecca (pictured above). What an amazing person!

Unfortunately, I never did take any pictures other than the one above. I was to busy talking, smiling and drooling to get the camera out!!

Sunday morning (ish) I got up and Dean, Jason and I went to breakfast at Cafe Too. This is a restaurant that works with the homeless, and rehab organizations to help train people in new skills to give people a second chance. The food was oh-my-God amazing, and the service very friendly and good!

After breakfast, we headed down to the vendor mart and packed up the remaining leather. While Dean and Jason transported it back to the house, I stayed and spent a last few minutes at the vendor mart before heading to Side Tracks for show tunes (the final unofficial event for the weekend). Dean and Jason showed up a little later and we hung out at the bar for a bit before it was time to head back to the house.

I flew home monday afternoon with my head still swimming with visions of hot men in rubber dancing in my head.

A special thank you to Dean and John for allowing me to stay with them, and to Jason for taking me under his wing for the weekend and to Rubbewili for producing such an amazing event! I definitely want to go back next year, and bring my puppy with me next time!!