Mr Palm Springs Leather

Brought to you by the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert

Daddy, Tiger and Cumho tires! For this event I actually did take some pictures. But can't find my camera cord right now, pictures will be coming soon! Because of a commitment to the Hard Edge, we were not able to make it to Palm Springs until Saturday afternoon. We had the honor of being transported to Palm Springs by Tiger and her van "Lucie" who rides on for Cumho tires. -- This is a running joke in San Diego, so I had to mention it here! We arrived with enough time to pick up Duff and have a bit of dinner before heading out to the contest. We headed out for the contest at the Palm Springs convention center. We got there with a little time beforehand to say hi to people and for Tiger and I to hand out some passes for San Diego Leather Pride coming up in March of 2011 (for more information you can go to Mr San Diego Leather. It was great seeing so many familiar faces there! We enjoyed the contest, and all three contestants did a great job representing their own titles while competing for the Mr. Palm Springs title. No two contests are alike, and I have to say that the Mr Palm Springs contest is a top notch affair. The work that went into putting this contest on was impressive. After the contest, we headed back to the hotel and spent a quiet evening. Surprising huh? But Daddy and I haven't had a lot of opportunity to spend time together, so we took advantage of that. On Sunday, we met up with Jose (American Leather Man 1992), Randy (American Leather Man 2008), Alex, (American Leather Man 2009), and Louie (American Leather Man 2010) for an ABW photo shoot. It was a fun experience! I am looking forward to seeing the pictures!! On the way home, we were treated to a fantastic sunset. And I got a totally unexpected totally cool shot that I wanted to share here.

Sunset headed homecool camera trick on the road