The Southern California Leather Woman contest is a great event! I was honored to be asked to judge the contest along with Amy B, So Cal Leatherwoman 2006 (the head judge), Olga, producer of Desire, Andie from PSLOD and West, VP of the LA boys of Leather. Kathleen, the outgoing SCLW held a fundraiser / step-down party at the Bullet bar on friday night, so we headed up to Van Nuys Friday to participate in the event. It took us 4 hours to get up there! Traffic was pretty hideous, but the time went quickly thanks to our traveling companions. Tiger, Ms San Diego Leather 2010, Wish, Daddy and I piled in to Tiger's van and off we went around 3:30 pm or so. We stopped along the way at a diner called Ozzies for dinner. We definitely recommend it! Then it was back on the road. Of course, I finally fell asleep about 10 minutes from the hotel. After checking in, we headed out to the bar. When we got there, I received a number of compliments on the tweets I made on our way up. There were many funny moments I managed to capture! After making the rounds and saying hi, I jumped right in helping to sell raffle tickets, and then while the wet t-shirt contest was going on, I handled the door. In between -- Daddy and I entered the boot worship contest. But sadly we lost to the amazing Spike and Amyy *woof* what a combination, and Wish and her partner. I sat back, watched and drooled, and picked up a number of great tips! The evening finally caught up with us and we headed back to the hotel. We were asleep very quickly. Saturday started with the Judges luncheon, so I met Amy at her room.

Amy was wearing her "bunchy, femmy, casual" look, and I received many requests for a photo of her. We headed out to the luncheon at the Cheese Cake Factory, where we met up with the rest of the judges.

Ok, so thats not a picture of the judges at the luncheon, but it is a picture of all of us together! After a delicious lunch, we headed back to the hotel and did the contestant interviews. It was very interesting to listen to the questions from the other judges and to learn more about the contestant, Serene. After interviews, I got together with Olga and Blu for a drink and to talk about their website! We had a great time! They are amazing people. I headed back to the room, and helped Wish and Tiger change rooms (they moved next to us!) We headed to dinner at a chicken place, and coincidently several of the other judges were right next door at the sushi place! Then it was off to the contest! This year's theme was "Alice in Kinkland" and it was! There was the Tea Party, and a Mad Hatter room! The first part of the evening was a meet and greet where and an opportunity to make mad hatter hats. So, knowing that Tiger would not have the opportunity to make one for herself, I made her one for her! I think it came out very nice!

Of course, everyone insisted I try it on too.

After fun was had by all and everyone got the opportunity to meet the contestant, it was time forr the event of the evening. The contest was very well put together, and Serene did extremely well. From the way she dressed to the way she carried herself, and spoke she was a joy to watch and judge. When the tally master totaled the points, she had more than enough to be awarded the title. At the end of the contest, she was awarded the title So Cal Leather Woman 2010-11.

After the contest ended there was a play party. We decided to get something to eat instead. It was Tiger, Wish, Daddy, Joanne and me. We laughed through the entire meal! It was a lot of fun. We headed back to the event and helped tear down the play party before finally going back to the hotel and caching some z's. Sunday morning, we all met at Cafe 50's for a celebratory / thank you brunch. Duff presented her new titleholder with 'everything she will need in the coming year.' and PuP brought Lammie, so I got to have some fun and get a few pictures with Lammie. It's been a long time! After brunch we piled in to Tigers van for the ride home. A good event with good friends makes for a great time! Thank you Duff for all that you do! And Tiger, Wish and Daddy, you make the time fly! Stay tuned for SCLW Funnies -- Coming soon!