Tiger says I'm now going to go lay on the man with the big fishing pole Tiger says okay now I've got a park this monster. Stand back i don't know how big it gets! I don't know what you're doing but it's making my clit twitch sez tiger There's a booby towel down so Wish can take her eyelashes off Daddy sez that's what you can call brownies with vanilla ice cream brownie Spoog That was a tweetable offense Tiger sez we should just open a bar called Spoog Joanne sez go big or go home! Mytightride.com we need a picture of that says Tiger Daddy said what are you doing Wish then he said you just need to drop it in the hole Tiger says I was way more relaxed than I thought I would be and I replied are you sure you aren't confusing relaxed with tired? http://yfrog.com/n66eecj Gotta love it! Daddy says get in the van Captain But crack Tiger sez -- never shave your ass before a road trip! Tiger sez: why isn't that working? Did I put it in the wrong hole? All this time we thought it was wish's phone. Turns out that it was her orgasm alert from her little electric buddy. There's all these short people around-- oh my god we are in Oz! And we just ate at Ozzies! We just found the limit on what I will or will not tweet. The dyke (tiger) just said it's better when he does it. Cum on the van! Oh wait a minute that doesn't sound right ... Bryan step away from the keyboard. Good! Her ass is leaving! I was so tired of looking at it! -- to the gold Honda that would not let us in front of her in the HOV lanes That joke is going to need a c-section. I clearly can't deliver it. The trees have been manscaped! http://yfrog.com/0qa2abj Daddy was asked how do you flog with your shoulder injured? I answered, boy flog, how else do you think he does it? I might be in trouble :) Wow his rims are yellow! His tires are onto water sports! Quick, someone piss on them. Quote from Daddy!