There are those times when work interfere wi fun, and this was one of those times. We arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday around 11:30 am. We drove, as we normally do, and I spent most of the drive working. Rechecked in, and I spent a little more time working before we wandered down to the smoke out hospitality suite to register and get our arm bands. We caught up with our friends Tom and Paul, and then it was back to the room for more work. I managed to wrap up on thursday in time to have dinner with Tom, Paul, Mark, and a few other folks that we have met over the years going to this event. After dinner, we went back to Toms room and I beat on Mark with floggers. It was fun. After that, we hit the proverbial wall, and crashed out for the evening. Friday, we got up, had breakfast, and I took care of the work I needed to do. Frank arrived about 11:00, and I spent the next hour or so making a collar for him as Daddy collared him that weekend. The collar is a braided leather collar with loops to put a lock on it. After we finished the collaring, Daddy and Frank played while Tom and I played. Tom has been promising to fist me for several year, and we finally got the opportunity! He was well worth waiting for. *WOOF* Not only is he hot, and a fun bottom but he has very talented hands!! Tom Told me at he wants to play again, and this time he wants to set up a recording device. Apparently when I came I sounded like the end of the "Hanna Barberra ride". After fun in the sling, I worked a little more, before heading out for the evening. The bar was fun, but packed. I was fighting head aches all weekend, so the smell of the cigars was not working for me. Ultimately, we ran out of steam and headed back to the room and to bed. Saturday was another fun day. Still spent way to much time working but managed to. Work in social time as well. Saturday night, we went to the play party. It was more of a social party, but Daddy and I co-topped Frank, and then I went off with Ian from LA, to play with electricity. Wow what an electrifying experience! Sorry about the pun. I couldn't resist. After the party Saturday night, Frank fisted me. Unfortunately, I was a little tender from playing with Tom, so this was a more sedate fisting, and ended much more quickly than I wanted! Sunday, we hung out by the pool, and did ore miscellaneous stuff, And I worked. Monday we headed home. And I worked. S All I all I enjoyed this trip, but would vastly prefer to NOT have to do work work during them. Such is the life when you run a small business. Thank you to the organizers and volunteers who put together Smoke Out. This was our third year, and the best one yet.